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Beautiful log cabins feel rustic, elegant, warm, and peaceful. In the city, the look of timber makes your house stand out from other homes. In mountain or country locations, log cabins blend in with pines, oak trees, aspens, and other natural greenery. The key to protecting new wood and restoring older timber is to choose professionals in painting log cabin exteriors. At Rhino Shield, we’re experts at repairing, maintaining, sealing, and painting log cabins.

Long-Lasting Protection with the Best Log Cabin Sealer

With proper care, wood surfaces can look beautiful for a lifetime. One of the most important parts of taking care of timber is using the best sealer possible. Wood needs to be protected from the elements, which in many areas include rain, snow, ice, and varying temperatures. Our high-quality Rhino Shield sealer delivers exceptional protection against all types of moisture, mold, and mildew.

Exceptional Results with Log Cabin Painting Experts

Traditional painting companies don’t have the expertise needed to work with log cabins. The type of paint they use can actually harm your home because it locks in moisture and promotes the deterioration of logs. At Rhino Shield, we have decades of experience working with log cabins, and our specialized sealant allows timbers to breathe properly.

The Advantages of Rhino Shield for Painting Log Cabin Surfaces

There are many advantages to using Rhino Shield’s permanent paint coating on your log cabin home. Rhino Shield will coat the surface and seal cracks in the wood logs, which resists moisture from penetrating into the wood. Rhino Shield’s permanent ceramic coating also will not chip or flake off in a couple of years as compared to ordinary paint.

  • Moisture resistance: Rhino Shield keeps moisture from rain and snow away from the wood, providing a durable layer of moisture protection that prevents the formation of mold, mildew, and algae.
  • Permeability: One of the most important ways Rhino Shield assists with log cabins is its breathability. Our ceramic coating is fully permeable, meaning that water vapor and moisture can escape without problems. This prevents timbers from rotting.
  • Durability: Rhino Shield bonds completely to the surface. It’s flexible and strong against hurricane-force winds and rain. It’s no wonder this high-tech coating is trusted by builders!
  • UV resistance: The sun’s rays are one of the biggest dangers to unprotected wood. UV rays cause fading and damage to the wood itself. With Rhino Shield’s ceramic microspheres, your log cabin gets total protection against UV damage for 25 years or more.
  • Color: With an endless variety of color options, including clear coatings, you decide the ideal look of your log cabin. Rhino Shield exterior paint coating doesn’t fade or chip, even after decades.

Professional Log Cabin Maintenance and Repairs

The weather can make your log cabin home or building look old, faded, gray, and sometimes warped. To deliver the best results when painting log cabin exteriors, our professionals start with a clean foundation. This includes repairing damaged parts of wood, replacing any areas that are rotted, and thoroughly cleaning the entire exterior. Afterward, we caulk all cracks. This expert maintenance ensures your home stays beautiful for a long time.

FAQs About Painting Log Cabin Exteriors

How Often Does a Log Home Need To Be Sealed?

With a traditional log cabin sealer, south and west walls usually need to be sealed every three to five years. Walls protected from sun and rain often go five years comfortably before requiring resealing. Thanks to Rhino Shield, however, your log cabin is protected for at least 25 years. You never have to worry about resealing.

Why Do Experts Say DIY Painting is a Bad Idea for Log Cabins?

Log cabin homes and buildings can be tricky to seal and paint. You should never try painting log cabin surfaces yourself. Using normal paint is a terrible idea for log cabins. The sealing and application processes are much more complex than with other homes. Always contact our expert team for assistance.

How Can You Prevent Mold on Log Cabins?

The most important factor in preventing mold formation is choosing a great log cabin sealer such as Rhino Shield. This keeps moisture out. Other tips for keeping your home safe from moisture include installing broad overhangs and keeping gutters clear of leaves.

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A gorgeous log cabin is something to be proud of. If you want to have a log cabin that stays beautiful for ages, you need to hire the right professionals.

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