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The Best Brick Paint Coatings in Indiana

Rhino Shield’s Brick Paint Coatings are an elastomeric ceramic exterior paint that offers unparalleled protection while giving you a choice of color and tone for your exterior. Whether you dream of a perfect white brick home or contemporary gray exteriors taken straight from a design magazine, Rhino Shield provides an attractive and extremely durable surface like no other.

Give your brick maximum beauty, durability, color, and weather resistance. Our brick paint coating looks fantastic - even after decades!

Brick Paint Coatings in indianapolis

Trust Your Home’s Exterior to Brick Paint Coating Experts

25yearWarrantyThe porous nature of brick exteriors can make it hard for paint to adhere properly.  The properties of traditional house paint further compound the problem of traditional exterior paint life on brick. To enjoy long-lasting performance, expert preparation and application is extremely important.

Here’s why we’re the most trusted name for brick paint coating companies in Indiana:

  • In-depth exterior cleaning
  • Sleek repairs of defects if needed
  • Expert application of Rhino Shield Coating
  • Detailed inspection to insure long-lasting results

We have extensive experience with all types of brick, so we can provide breathtaking results every time. Our elastomeric coating is the ideal fit for brick homes and business exteriors in Indiana thanks to its incredible flexibility, tear-resistance, and strength.

Rhino Shield exterior ceramic paint coating completely bonds to and seals brick exterior homes and buildings. 


What is 5+5?

Minimize Unfinished Brick Exterior Upkeep and Never Paint Again

The brick industry association states that if you’re painting unfinished brick, you should plan on repainting it every three to five years… Not Rhino Shield of Indiana!

Our proactive protection means you never have to paint again. There’s no fading, peeling, cracking, or flaking to worry about — just a gorgeous exterior that’s easy to clean. Unlike other types of exterior paint, Rhino Shield unfinished brick coating stands up to extreme weather conditions anywhere in the United States, including heatwaves, wind-driven rain, and blizzards.

Decades of exterior coating defense

Brick Paint Coatings Give Your Brick the Best Moisture Protection

better ingredients in Rhino Shield Paint CoatingsThe porous nature of brick offers a high degree of protection for the home, allowing excess moisture to escape walls naturally. However, without additional protection, rain and snow can still create mold issues down the road.

Rhino Shield provides the best moisture protection for your home or business by enhancing the positive qualities of brick and eliminating its shortcomings. Rhino Shield’s high-tech composition affords incredible breathability so moisture can always escape freely. This is a big advantage over traditional exterior paint.

At the same time, special resin layers in Rhino Shield take mold protection and mildew resistance far beyond what brick can do on its own. By completely sealing the exterior, Rhino Shield offers amazing weather protection for brick and mortar.

Enjoy Vibrant Brick Surfaces With Maximum Curb Appeal

best on the block home exteriorOne of the biggest reasons IN homeowners and business owners opt to paint brick is to add unforgettable personality to the exterior. With a vibrant brick coating, you can make a bold statement that instantly captures attention. Rhino Shield offers you the opportunity to choose one of thousands of colors and add beauty to your home or commercial brick building.

White brick delivers the feel of a Mediterranean villa. Warm reds can breathe new life into traditional Americana décor or add rustic Italian flair to the home. If you feel like celebrating life with an energetic tropical vibe, lively blues and greens look absolutely amazing. Rhino Shield gives you limitless color possibilities.

Keep Your Brick Looking Breathtaking for Decades

Rhino Shield will completely coat and seal brick, and it comes with a 25-year transferable warranty. So if you’re thinking of painting your brick exterior, call 888-744-6641 today or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

See pictures of past projects of Rhino Shield on brick exteriors below.