Commercial Exterior Paint Coatings that Last

25 Years WarrantyYour commercial building exterior takes a real beating from the thrashing of wind, snow, and rain. But there's no need to worry: Rhino Shield is here to help! With our advanced ceramic paint coating technology, your property or condominium can look as good decades later as it does today - withstanding even Mother Nature’s toughest weather outbursts like champs. So trust us for superior results that will last--our experts handle not only painting but also unmatched precision and durability along the way!

Rhino Shield offers a superior ceramic paint coating and our paint coating specialists deliver high-quality results with unmatched precision and durability.

  • Corporate headquarters
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Retail locations
  • Shopping centers
  • Storefronts
  • Repair shops

With the wide variety of exterior substrates: brick, stone, stucco, wood, metal siding (aluminum, steel), vinyl coverings, cement block exteriors, or other surfaces, our commercial coatings provides long-lasting protection. 

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The Best Exterior Paint Coating for Your Business Exterior

Rhino Shield offers unparalleled protection against Indiana's weather. Our elastomeric ceramic exterior coating is a permanent paint that locks in your building’s beautiful color like an impenetrable fortress! That unique combination of specialized resins and ceramic microspheres creates multiple layers with incredible benefits: from insulation to UV reflection, mold resistance to heavy-duty strength - resisting Mother Nature has never been easier!

It's layers of protection, and a meticulous application process that makes Rhino Shield stand out from it's alternatives!


The Many Benefits of Rhino Shield Coatings on Building Exteriors

exterior paint coatings on buildings in indianapolisRhino Shield exterior ceramic paint coating is guaranteed to give your business the best first impression. With its superior bonding and sealing properties, you'll benefit from more than just a great looking exterior - there are also long-term savings on upkeep costs! Get all these benefits with Rhino Shield:

  • Refined business appearance
  • Superior protection for exterior surfaces

Rhino Shield will give your commercial building long-lasting results and a 25-year, transferrable warranty! The best in the industry! Your property’s attractiveness stays strong— even after years.

Rhino Shield is Great on Virtually Any Commercial Building Material:  Block, Brick, Metal, Stucco, Tilt-Up Concrete and More!

Rhino Shield bonds, seals and protects virtually any building substrate from the elements. We've got virtually every exterior building material covered! 

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Expert Commercial Building  Paint Coatings Application

Quality Paint CoatingsOur Rhino Shield experts are meticulous when it comes to providing your building exterior with a strong and stunning coating. We focus on the finer details, starting with cleaning each surface and ensuring any imperfections or damages get repaired. Our team will transform your building exterior into an immaculate masterpiece by deep-cleaning all surfaces, carefully examining any areas that need repairs, caulking & sealing cracks for superior energy efficiency. We don't skip over the small details either; our two part application ensures both strength and stunning beauty in every job we take on. Rest easy knowing your project is left in expert hands from start to finish!