The Many Benefits of Rhino Shield Exterior Coating

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There are many benefits of choosing Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating for your home.  Hover over the items and see why Rhino Shield is the Ultimate Paint Job.  Never paint your home again!

Long Lasting Coating That Won’t Chip, Crack or Peel – Tested by BASF

Rhino Shield won’t Won’t Crack, Peel, Flake or Blister.  Rhino Shield has been 3rd party tested by BASF Chemical Company.  BASF is one of the largest and most respected chemical companies in the world!  BASF has performed several rounds of testing on Rhino Shield. Rhino Shield excels at flexibility, tear resistance, tensile strength, breathability, and viscosity.  Additionally, BASF performed an accelerated aging test.  At the end of the test Rhino Shield showed no visible signs of aging and still retained its flexibility.

Rhino Shield Can Protect Your Exterior from Strong Winds


Rhino Shield passes the Miami-Dade Wind Driven Rain Standard. Manufactured in Florida and used extensively on the coasts, this is an important wind standard.  The standard is to withstand 98 mile per hour wind driven rain!  Field tests were conducted on water-front homes exposed to hurricane Ivan in 2004. The homes were in Okaloosa County Florida where wind driven rain topped out at 126 miles per hour.  Moisture meter reading conducted after the storm found no moisture penetration.

Class A Fire & Smoke Rating

Rhino Shield has a Class A fire and Smoke Rating. In some areas of the country prone to wildfires, buildings with a class A fire rating may qualify for a discount for their homeowners insurance.

Rhino Shield Stands Up to Salt

Rhino Shield is the most salt tolerant coating on the market.  This is vital in coastal areas.  As the testing shows, we are in the top category of salt tolerance and even outperformed the industry standard Rustoleum!

Rhino Shield is Mildew Resistant

Rhino Shield has incorporated a new mildewcide cocktail. This is an EPA registered triple cocktail. the three parts include a Mildewcide, Fungicide and Algaecide.  The Algaecide actually stops photosynthesis from happening. Most paints only contain a mildewcide, but our field research clearly showed this three part system to be superior. This cocktail is zero voc. It is environmentally safe and supports our efforts to design the greenest coating possible.

Breathable Makes it Last Longer

The Rhino Shield protective finish coat is classified as fully permeable by ASTM standards.  The perm rate allows the coating to breathe and release condensation and vapors.

Better in Winter and Summer

Ceramics are utilized as a solid component.  Testing shows the solids used in Rhino Shield, including ceramics, offer much lower thermo-conductivity than the mineral filler used in traditional paint.  Rhino Shield is a “low-e” product that helps heat from transferring into the building in hot climates, and from escaping from a building in cold weather.

Rhino Shield delivers your home a year-round protective coating with beneficial protection from the elements.  

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Scott and Laura K

Rhino Shield did a great job of painting the exterior of our home. They went above and beyond to prep, caulk and repair the exterior prior to painting. From start to finish, their team communicated well and followed through. The team on our job of Isael and Pedro were the epitome of professionalism and excellence.… Read more “Scott and Laura K”

October 29, 2015


They had a few days of delay due to the weather but when they could work, they did. And when they couldn’t work they explained why and they were very valid reasons. I must say they were very dedicated to being thorough and making sure the job was done correctly. The workers listened to any… Read more “DAVID T”

September 1, 2013
I contracted Rhino Shield this summer for my home and I couldn't be happier. They took the time to walk me through the process and I never felt pressure by anyone at the company to buy. My home gets direct sunlight and rough weather and I was tired of the chipping and peeling I was getting every 4 or 5 years. They were able to color match exactly what my wife wanted and i don't have to worry about painting. Great company and product!
Marco McCoy
Marco McCoy
22:07 27 Nov 18
Jim and his crew were outstanding all the way through, we couldn't be happier with the way our home turned out and that we are now maintenance-free with our exterior!
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams
21:50 27 Nov 18
Outstanding product, Jim is great to work with. These guys put their customers first which is why they win all these awards with Rhino Shield. They make sure the customer is happy and maintenance-free!
Steve Davey
Steve Davey
14:55 14 Sep 18
"Don't paint, don't vinyl, go Rhino!" Catchy isn't it? After weeks of research into this product I was convinced this was the best solution for exterior coating. If you do your reading on the company and the product and want yourself a 25 year guarantee, this is absolutely the best way to go.
Frank Ketterman
Frank Ketterman
22:04 10 Apr 19
Very helpful on the phone. Definitely glad I invested in the product, one less major thing to worry about moving forward. And my house looks perfect.
Karla Rojas
Karla Rojas
22:26 15 Apr 19
A lot of work has been done to my house recently, I wanted to make sure I didn't have to do anything like this for a long time. When I found out about Rhino Shield I definitely wanted the service. Glad I called.
Simon Walker
Simon Walker
19:16 15 Apr 19
The work that Rhino Shield does is worth every penny. They were in and out in no time at all, and everything looks great. Glad I invested for sure.
Nicholas Hartelt
Nicholas Hartelt
22:22 17 Apr 19
I wanted this to be the last time I had to have my house repainted. I looked into long-term solutions and found Rhino Shield in the area, and after having a long talk with them on the phone, I had them come out. Great job. All my neighbors were asking about my house, nothing by compliments!
Edgar Siganay
Edgar Siganay
20:24 19 Apr 19
Wow, my house looks great! I can’t believe how quickly they got the work done and how great it looks. Looking forward to not having to worry about my paint for a long time with that Warranty.
tonya cox
tonya cox
20:21 22 Apr 19