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25 Years Warranty25 Year Transferable Warranty with every Indiana rhino shield home & Commercial exterior project

Rhino Shield is a tremendous value whether you are staying or selling.  Rhino Shield's amazing 25 Year Transferable Warranty adds tremendous value whether you are staying in your home long-term or if you may be selling in the near future.

  • Staying in your home long-term?  Enjoy the maintenance-free home exterior lifestyle that Rhino Shield offers.
  • Considering selling your home in the fairly near future? Sell with the added value of a fully transferable warranty with Rhino Shield.

No other painting contractor can offer you this incredible guarantee.

Call us for a free estimate and for full warranty details at 888-744-6641.



" Beth D.

The salesman was professional, informative and very thorough….Chris, was very knowledgeable about the product, the colors and his job. If he had not provided advise on the color we chose we would have ended up with a purple house, which is not what we wanted at all. He also provided advise on the color scheme for our stucco and wood house so the dark and light scheme would look good. We are very pleased with the color, the color scheme and the professionalism of all the Rhino Shield staff members. They were courteous, neat and worked around our vacation schedule. We highly recommend Rhino Shield.

November 24, 2017


After our initial contact, the saleswoman visited, explained the process, and presented their quote on the spot. We asked Rhino Shield to wait until we had new windows installed, and they easily accommodated that request. Jim Williams called to check in, ask about paint color choice, and get the timing on the windows completion. Rhino Shield began the Monday after our windows were completed on Saturday. The 2 workers, Ivan and Oleg, were true craftsmen. They worked carefully at every stage.(I felt sure that paint would be smeared on windowframes, etc., but I was wrong–their work was very precise.) Many more boards on this 1984-built home were rotten than we had thought, but they worked diligently to remove and replace wood with excellent skill. When the paint went on, we were thrilled. The 2 men even hung 6 pairs of shutters. We feel like we have a new house. Now, if the paint lasts and the warranty is good, we will feel even better. With “regular” paint we’d need to repaint within about 6 years, so this seemingly high price really gets lower over time. Ivan and Oleg were kind to our dogs, including our new puppy, and the dogs loved their attention too. This has been an excellent experience.

April 30, 2009