Indianapolis Exterior Ceramic Paint Contractor

Give your home a breathtaking exterior that looks natural and colorful, and lasts forever. Ensure your business’s exterior provides the ideal first impression every time. With the power of our exclusive ceramic coating and expert painting techniques, every inch of your home or business receives the best protection possible. Forget about normal paint that has to be replaced every five or six years. Choose the best house painting contractor in Indiana and enjoy spectacular, long-lasting benefits.

The Best Exterior Paint Option in Indiana

Rhino Shield takes advantage of modern technology to create an attractive coating with the best properties of elastomeric acrylic resins and ceramic microspheres. Additional layers provide UV resistance, sound deadening, and insulating elements with a permanent seal. This next-gen coating binds to virtually any outdoor surface:

• Brick

• Wood

• Block

• Stucco

• Vinyl siding

• Aluminum siding

• Steel siding

Thanks to Rhino Shield’s permanent surface bond and unbeatable strength, you can look forward to a vibrant exterior without having to worry about reapplying in ages — if ever. Our dynamic ceramic paint coating is backed by a 25-year warranty, providing decades of amazing performance and perfect style.

The Benefits of Rhino Shield for Your Home or Business

Rhino Shield balances incredible durability with the stunning appearance you expect from the best exterior paint. This blend of functionality and elegance ensures homes and businesses always look amazing, just like day one. Here are a few of the benefits you receive by selecting this next-gen coating:

• Thousands of expressive color options

• Waterproof moisture protection

• Heavy-duty mold and mildew resistance

• No peeling, cracking, or flaking

• Class A fire resistance

• Fully permeable vapor release properties

• Improved energy efficiency

Rhino Shield offers unparalleled ease of maintenance and lasts three to five times longer than traditional exterior paint. Its unique ceramic profile acts as a heat shield, helping to keep buildings cooler in summer and reducing heating costs in winter. By defending against moisture, mold, salts, and intense weather, Rhino Shield delivers year-round protection for Indiana homeowners and business owners.

Why Choose a Rhino Shield Exterior Paint Contractor?

In addition to working with the best exterior coatings, our team also provides incredible professionalism, dedication, and customer satisfaction. We have extensive experience working with home improvement, home remodeling, and corporate projects, and we focus on exceptional quality from start to finish. Our experts always deliver the best work on time and on budget. To learn more or to request an estimate, contact our friendly professionals right away.


They had a few days of delay due to the weather but when they could work, they did. And when they couldn’t work they explained why and they were very valid reasons. I must say they were very dedicated to being thorough and making sure the job was done correctly. The workers listened to any… Read more “DAVID T”

September 1, 2013


After our initial contact, the saleswoman visited, explained the process, and presented their quote on the spot. We asked Rhino Shield to wait until we had new windows installed, and they easily accommodated that request. Jim Williams called to check in, ask about paint color choice, and get the timing on the windows completion. Rhino… Read more “JOANNE & GLENN T”

April 30, 2009